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It’s been just over a week now since I got back from a long weekend in New York. I’ve been getting caught up with work and doing some heavy thinking about what happened during my time there. I initially went for a job interview with a custom stationery company. Months ago I applied for an internship with said company and a week before Christmas I was asked if I had interest in a manager position. This all sounded pretty dreamy but the process of setting up an interview made me question a few things. On my way to the big apple I already decided I didn’t want to work for a company who couldn’t communicate well, but I still wanted to give it my best shot and see it for myself. I couldn’t believe it could get worse than that, but the interview turned rather offensive. You would think flying basically coast to coast, you would be given invested time and interest. That is hardly what I got and I made it clear the company wasn’t a good fit for me. If I could give any advice to this interviewer it would be that there are two sides to the interview, you are also being evaluated, so especially don’t say negative things about my employers at Boxcar Press. It shows what kind of person you really are when you bad mouth a company that is so great and you clearly need their products. Bad move.

I am taking this experience positively. I fully trust my gut instinct, I know what my value and talent is worth and I know what I want in my career. I spent the rest of the weekend with my dear friend Emily and being inspired by the immense use of fantastic type around the city. I also set up appointments with Heartfish Press (interview on the Boxcar Blog coming soon!), The New York Center for the Book Arts, and lastly – the most inspiring part of my trip of all – The Type Director’s Club. The trip ended with satisfaction and possibilities.

This trip also made me think a lot about where my life is at currently in Salt Lake City. I’m a little surprised to say this, but I really love it here. It would take something much bigger for me to actually leave, but I know I would come back if I did. Who knew?

Above photo is in Emily’s apartment. Check out that view of the Financial District. Also, I shipped that deer head to her half as a birthday present and half as a test to see if it’d make it there in one piece. Looks pretty great in her place!


New York, NY on our way to Fire Island

Fire Island

New York, NY

I have got to start using my Holga 120CFN more…this is from my last minute trip to New York where I didn’t bring any other camera. It’s my first time using 120 film – I stayed away from it because I didn’t know where to get it developed so I’ve had the camera adapted to 35mm since Christmas 2007. The first two pictures are of Emily and the last a stranger as we wait to cross the street on my way to the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. It seems I like taking pictures behind people’s backs. You can look at the rest here.


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