I premiered a new body of work at Renegade Craft Fair this last weekend. I have had dreams of creating a fish market for months and it’s been a good kick in the butt to get it done over the last few weeks.

The whole process has been refreshing. The focus on a new species brought up a lot of questions that I had to research for answers. Some, I am still learning through the experience. For starters, the majority of my work has been brought on by my vegetarianism, almost 7 years ago. Though it was for ethical reasons, I still appreciate those who hunt their own food. Fish, however, needed their own definition because the most often comment made after a mention of vegetarianism is, “Oh, but do you eat fish?” What is it about fish that detaches their sense of being?

Through this initial study I’ve learned of many interpretations of fishing. Catch and release as a meditative experience. Fish farming and the mass production affecting our rivers and oceans. Sea lice, for that reason. Alexandra Morton is a badass. Healthy factors vs. mercury poisoning and other risks. A reliable source of food for major demographics. I was ready for these topics as conversations at the show but what I didn’t expect was the amount of personal memories people had stemming from family activities. Or even a mention of a relative’s passion for the sport. There seemed to be a nostalgic twist.

Though my projects have an initial reason, they all are meant to be conversation starters. Feedback and interpretations are always welcomed.

Also, this panoramic taken by Hayley Nichols.